Assistant Construction Project Manager

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Louisville, KY

Job status
Full time
Paid vacation, 401K / Retirement plan, Health Insurance
Job description
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Assistant Construction Project Manager

Performs different functions assigned by the project manager. These tasks may involve
1. sorting out various projects
2. conducting research
3. procuring project material
4. assisting team members during project development
5. recording minutes during meetings
6. scheduling and updating project data.
7. Working with the materials manager, shop manager to manage and assess various company assets with regard to specific projects and tasks.

Works closely with the project manager. Aids in
1. creating and implementing project work plans
2. revising plans details based on client needs and project requirements.
3. as required, delegates specific task for employees
4. helps identify the needed resources
5. manages daily operations during the absence of the project manager.
6. Prepare and review reports prepared by staff before passing for review to the project manager
7. implementing company methodologies and project principles, overseeing quality assurance procedures, preparing project reviews and documenting project details.
8. implements safety procedures and budget planning to reduce risks and revenue losses.

Education and Training Requirements
Bachelor’s degree in any science related field.
1-year work experience in construction industry projects/materials and possess advanced knowledge in using office software like Microsoft work, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft excel and Outlook.

Knowledge and Skills Requirements
*Need excellent management and administrative skills.
*Capable of having initiative when needed, promote teamwork with team members, and meet deadlines.
*Ability to demonstrate leadership.
*Other essential skills should include time management, organizational skills, multi-tasking, negotiation and the ability to work independently or as part of a team.

Working Conditions
Fast-paced office setting that involves constant interaction among clients, associates and executives.
Full-time Monday to Friday, but possible occasional holidays and weekends.
Travel requirements may be required from time to time

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